The Next Generation Online Lost & Found Office

Mobile phone left at central station

Have you ever forgotten your backpack on the train, left your mobile phone in the canteen or lost your car keys?

Of all the things that disappear each year, only a minority are brought back to their owners. Most things never return if we lose them.

When our things are lost, it's impossible for others to see to whom they belong. We've solved this problem with Deeple. 

We believe in the kindness of strangers to help your lost items back to you. Other people will help you, especially when helping is easy and quick. A human helping hand might be better at bringing lost things back than high tech solutions (and more friendly).

The team behind Deeple 

Anders HøjbjergAnders Højbjerg, Sales and Management
Anders is co-founder of Deeple and in charge of management. His background is in engineering and the development of mobile services. Contact: ah (at) 

MarieMarie Ø. Schwennesen, Communications and Media
Marie is in charge of Deeple's website, social media, PR, customer services and other communication. Contact: marie (at)



Maciej KrajowskiMaciej Krajowski-Kukiel, Programming and Development
Maciek is the brain behind a large part of Deeple's technical platform. Always ready with bright solutions, code and algorithms! 



Paul FrunzaPaul Frunza, Programming and Development
Paul is the youngest man on the Deeple team. Hard working and with lots of energetic drive. 


See What the Media Say about Deeple (in Danish):


'Voldsomt simpel... og decideret smuk' - Nikolaj Sonne, So Ein Ding

'QR-koder skal nu gøre det nemmere at finde tabte sager', metroXpress

'DTU-iværksætter laver digitalt hittegodskontor',

'Vejen fra mistet til fundet er kortere end nogensinde'. Christiane Vejlø, Elektronista

Tired of losing your things?

See the selection of QR Tags here