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CONNECTED by Deeple® - Branded QR Solutions

For companies in need of specific QR solutions we offer QR Tags with company specific design and possibly modified or additional functionality compared to Deeple's standard products. Typical purposes of such solutions could be marketing or internal branding.

In order to accomodate such extended needs we have created the concept CONNECTED by Deeple® , which offers flexible solutions in this area.

Contact CEO, Anders Højbjerg at to hear more about options and opportunities

Distribution of Deeple's Products

At Deeple we are constantly eager to expand our distribution network. If your shop or company is interested in selling Deeple's products, please don't hesitate to contact us at email for more info.


QR-Tagging of Company Assets.

If your company owns equipment that is often on the road with employees - or for other reasons out of office - there can be considerable savings by applying QR Tags to items prone to loss . This could be IT equipment, tools & special equipment, keys for customers' properties.

The tagging itself can be made via stickers, or by laser engraving into the item if a more theft-preventive effect is desired.

For more info and prices, please contact us at email