Ready for a long-term romance with your bike?

Get your lost bicycle back

Did you know that only a minor part of lost bicycles are stolen by professional bike thieves? Actually, a lot of bikes are only stolen for a short ride to the station - or maybe not stolen at all, but just moved by a shop owner or other person because the bike was blocking their way.

By applying a QR Tag to your bike you create a direct online link back to you.

If you should be misfortunate and lose your bike others can easily help it back to you by sending a message via Deeple about the bike's current location. This could be either a private person or e.g. the police lost & found office. 

QR Tags for bikes are sold as a sheet with two weatherproof stickers made for your bike frame and back wheel mudguard. They come in either black or white.



Get a lifeline to your bike:

Direct contact between you and the person who finds your bike.

Free access to the Deeple webservice once you have activated your QR Tag. There is no ongoing subscription fee.

QR Tags for bikes are made in UV resistant, weatherproof, strongly adhesive foil.