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If you want to make it easy for others to get in touch with you if they come across your lost bicycle, the solution is here. Useful if someone 'borrows' your bike and dumps it elsewhere in town afterwards, or if a shop owners or city officials move your bike because it is blocking shop windows, entrances or emergency exits. Now they can tell where they have placed your bike!

This set of QR-tags is designed especially for your bicycle.

One tag is designed for the bike frame, and the other fits on the rear mudguard, so that it is easy to scan for finders if the bicycle was left in a bike rack. Both stickers have identical ID and QR codes.

The bicycle QR tags come in black or white.

As for all Deeple tags this QR Tag comes with time-unlimited access to Deeple's online Lost & Found service for web and mobile. The Lost & Found service comes with a lifetime subscription - without any kind of recurrent payments.

Click tag images for high resolution version.

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  • QR tags (set og two) with the same unique QR and ID
  • 35 x 60 mm and 40 x 85 mm
  • Strongly adhesive vinyl foil (Very hard to peel off)
  • Anti-UV-coated and weather resistant
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x €11.00 EUR

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